Времена английского. Тест 18

1) We ___ to the top of Holborn Hill before I ___ that he was not smiling at all.

2) Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I ___ the warning, I ___ my way to Fleet Street, and then ___ to Covent Garden.

3) Seventy-seven detective novels and books of stories by Agatha Christie ___ into every major language, and her sales ___ in tens of millions.

4) In recent years, scientific and technological developments ___ human life on our planet, as well as our views both of ourselves as individuals in society and of the universe as a whole.

5) Before we ___ from swimming in the river near the camp, someone ___ our clothes, and we had to walk back with our towels around us.

6) Our new neighbours ___ in Arizona for ten years before moving to their present house.

7) We went into the house by a side door and the first thing I ___ was that the passages ___ all dark, and that she ___ a candle burning there.

8) The sun ___ brightly all day on the roof of my attic, and the room was warm.

9) Although the period that we call "the Renaissance" ___ in Italy in the fourteenth century, this idea of rebirth in learning characterized other epochs in history in different parts of the world.

10) Egyptians left no written accounts as to the execution of mummification, so the scientists ___ to examine mummies and establish their own theories.