Past Perfect Continuous. Тест 15

1) She told me that she ___ school several years before and since that time she had been working as a receptionist.

2) Our neighbour said that her child ___ all afternoon because he had a running temperature.

3) They knew it was ages since Harry ___ them, so they began to worry.

4) I was sure that she ___ for me there, but I couldn’t do anything because of the traffic jam.

5) When the police arrived, the robbers ___ already ___ leaving a lot of evidence.

6) She said her brother ___ languages at the University for three years.

7) The newspaper reported that nobody ___ in the explosion.

8) She said she ___ a new flat in the centre of the city for quite a reasonable price.

9) When I looked out of the window, I saw that the ground was wet. It ___ the whole night.

10) He asked me how long Bob and Alice ___.