Артикли. Тест 3

1) Twenty-two cents ___ kilo is now the market rate for unroasted coffee beans.

2) Once Freddie Mercury said that he was not married to ___ music, he was married to love.

3) The advantage of girls’ voices is that they don’t break in ___ way as boys’.

4) ___ people take the view that law is a normative system.

5) It was like any other hotel in some ways: ___ a reception desk, a white piano and a restaurant.

6) People are ___ winners nor losers.

7) Traffic congestion in central London is ___ bad as it was a decade ago.

8) A woman says she endured a ‘living nightmare’ when her newborn boy was given to ___ woman in the hospital.

9) Wales saw the biggest jump in the number of people declaring ___ bankrupt in 2008.

10) Young people do not want to listen to their ___ music even if it is quite listenable.