Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous. Тест 4

1) Many people are worried now that ___ generation is losing sight of traditional British values.

2) ‘Ratatouille’ is drawn by hand on paper, exactly as it ___ since the early days of Mickey Mouse.

3) Most people who went to see ‘Ratatouille’, ___ the cinema with a warm feeling.

4) A huge section of London’s famous Camden Market ___ by fire recently.

5) When Napoleon visited the Great Pyramids in Egypt, he asked ___ in the Kings’ Chamber.

6) Madonna said that she ___ 30 years in the entertainment business thinking only of herself and wanting to be the best.

7) Frequent travelers with a biometric passport who had never stayed longer than allowed in the EU ___ to apply for registration as safe travelers.

8) No one seems ___ about the fate of the next generation of lawyers.

9) The debate over the character of the festival ___ for a long time.

10) In spite of fewer cars ___ on the roads, congestion rose markedly between 2014 and 2015.