Местоимение. Слова-определители. Тест 19

1) I'm going to the wedding on Saturday. ___ is getting married.

2) During the terrible road accident one car bumped into ___ one. One driver was heavily injured and ___ died.

3) — Did you hear about the party at Kate's last night? — No, I didn't. ___ of my friends ___ there.

4) "The system of education is not superb," she said. "Too ___ mathematics ___ usually taught at school."

5) ___ should be present at the meeting. A very serious question will be discussed.

6) We've got too ___ petrol. We must have the car filled at the nearest service station.

7) When the train arrived at the railway station ___ passengers got their suitcases. So we picked up ___ too.

8) There are ___ evenings when I do not want to go to bed. But there are ___ evenings when nothing could keep me from going to bed.

9) I don't really enjoy going to the cinema ___. I'd rather have ___ to go with me.

10) I have been talking to that strange man for an hour but I still can't understand if he is ___ Spanish ___ Portuguese.