Прямая и косвенная речь. Тест 16

1) Ellie exclaimed that she ___ that car since her farther gave it to her and that there had been no complaints.

2) Mike said that they knew only what was in the papers, that they ___ for a call or a telegram since they heard of the accident.

3) Norma said that the old car had broken when they ___ the bridge.

4) She said she couldn't go in the water because she ___ her swimming suit.

5) She said that my shoes were wet through and asked if I ___ all the way from the station in that rain.

6) The old teacher advised me to speak slowly if I ___ them to understand me.

7) It was announced that the international treaty against the new warfare ___ and had gone into effect.

8) The Navy officials said that the dolphins ___ in salt water holding tanks.

9) It has recently been announced that further supplies ___ soon be available.

10) She wondered if Stephen had found that the room was empty and if he ___ for her at the moment.