Продажи и переговоры. Тест 22

1) Neither the customer or the salesperson wants to feel ___ over a deal.

2) The retailer was allowed to order the goods on a sale or ___ basis.

3) The service engineer was ___ to guarantee the work for six months.

4) It was agreed that the full cost would be refunded if the goods were returned in perfect ___.

5) We are willing to supply the goods ___ a discount of 5%.

6) Before negotiating a deal make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of ___ products.

7) A good salesperson can ___ almost anybody to buy anything.

8) Once they had agreed terms the deal was pushed ___ very quickly.

9) The goods will be delivered by Wednesday at the ___.

10) The most effective sales technique is one which tells the customer how the product will ___ him or her.