Работа и карьера. Тест 21

1) For many people job ___ is more important than a high salary.

2) The company needed to make job cuts so they asked staff to ___ for redundancy.

3) Employees are allowed up to three weeks unpaid ___ a year.

4) Carol’s reliability and confidence make her an ___ employee.

5) The interview panel’s ___ impression was that Sam was the most suitable candidate.

6) Many people would jump ___ the chance of working for a successful travel company.

7) Although I am a very junior member of staff, my ___ prospects are good.

8) One of the advantages of this job is that they offer accommodation at a ___ rent.

9) I’m looking for a career which will give me plenty of ___ to use my foreign languages.

10) Unfortunately there is still a lot of ___ against older people in the workplace.