На планерке. Тест 19

1) It was decided to ___ the meeting until after lunch.

2) Copies of the ___ for the meeting were distributed to the heads of departments.

3) The management committee ___ that flexitime should be limited to permanent members of staff.

4) The members were asked to ___ on the proposal to introduce flexitime.

5) They agreed that the system wasn’t working well and there was a need to ___ a more radical approach.

6) The chair suggested that we got ___ to business as quickly as possible as there was a lot to get through.

7) She made sure that everyone was able to express their points of ___.

8) He thanked the management ___ behalf of the staff for taking their suggestions seriously.

9) The management decided ___ to accept the proposals put forward by the committee.

10) He was unable to stay for the ___ of the meeting as he had other business to attend to.