Маркетинг. Тест 18

1) The company will be ___ a new range of health foods over the next few months.

2) Although prices have remained ___ for the past two years we are expecting a sharp rise in the near future.

3) This particular ___ of ice cream is supposed to contain very little fat.

4) Their products are only available through selected ___.

5) The sales ___ for the next few months is not particularly optimistic.

6) The advertising company have come up with a catchy new ___ for the car.

7) It’s going to be difficult to break ___ the Far East market but I believe it will become a key market for us

8) We’re hoping that the new software package is going to make a big ___.

9) Supermarkets often find point of sale ___ very useful when introducing new products to their customers.

10) When deciding what kind of advertising to use it’s important to find out as much as possible about your ___.