В путешествии. Тест 17

1) You need to ___ your seat 24 hours before departure or they may cancel your reservation.

2) Their flight was delayed due to engine ___.

3) Please send us a copy of her ___ so that we can arrange transport.

4) The hotel restaurant is not open 24 hours but room ___ is always available.

5) The journey took ages. We were stuck in a traffic ___ as soon as we left the airport.

6) The delegates are ___ booked into the Hotel du Lac but they can move to something more luxurious if they want.

7) Make sure that you allow plenty of time to ___ at the airport.

8) I always choose a room ___ the back of the hotel as it’s usually quieter.

9) The conference speakers will require photocopying ___ throughout their stay.

10) In the interests of safety it’s a good idea to walk ___ when visiting a place for the first time.