Покупатель и продавец. Тест 16

1) We are happy to replace the ___ goods free of charge.

2) All the cars in this particular range were recalled because of a design ___.

3) The customer complained that the assistant he spoke to had been most ___.

4) There was a ___ in the order at the factory and the wrong package was sent.

5) The delay in despatch was due to circumstances ___ our control.

6) There was a serious staff ___ at the time so several shipments were held up.

7) The complaint about the cost of the item was soon ___ out.

8) As we were entirely responsible for the confusion your account has been ___ with the full amount.

9) The poor quality of the products was ___ on inadequate supervision of the workforce.

10) The customer demanded a ___ when he discovered the equipment was missing.