Финансовые отношения. Тест 15

1) The company saw net profits fall as a result of the ___ in the industry world-wide.

2) It is important for many small businesses to improve their credit ___ and ensure customers pay on time.

3) All letters of credit should include an expiry date when payment is ___.

4) We apologise for the difficulty we are experiencing in paying your ___ account.

5) Thank you for your ___ of $500 which we received today.

6) The credit terms ___ that payment should be on presentation of the goods.

7) It’s important to ___ customer references when offering credit.

8) If you do not pay your bill within the next few days we will have to consider taking legal ___.

9) He was offered a bank ___ when the company experienced financial problems.

10) If customers fail to ___ their bills you can be left with a serious cash-flow problem.