Подведение итогов, отчет. Тест 12

1) Printix are offering us a 15% ___ on all orders over $1000.

2) It’s important to take ___ breaks when working at a computer.

3) The new Managing Director of the company has just been ___.

4) Make sure that the main ___ of the report contains only relevant information.

5) If this project is completed on time we will receive a ___ in next month’s pay.

6) He was asked to ___ a thorough review of the health and safety provision within the organisation.

7) If you’re taking notes it’s a good idea to make them as clear and ___ as possible.

8) As a ___ of the review, they decided to close the factory down.

9) There is a ___ danger that the new regulations will be misunderstood by many staff.

10) The consultants ___ the importance of managers involving staff in the issue of timekeeping.