Артикли. Тест 2

1) Inner London has been declared the most affluent region of ___ EU.

2) The fashion industry is ___ very good at selling the bright lights and glamour.

3) All credit card users have to pay back ___ small amount of their credit card balance each month.

4) A close friend could make you see a personal problem ___ a positive new angle.

5) Australian English was formed ___ dialect mixture.

6) Most parents do not believe that 11 to 13–year-olds are old enough to look ___ themselves.

7) Many people have claimed that money ___ the root of all evil.

8) ___ legal emigrant should be on a 10 year probation.

9) Some state schools are clearly better than ___ .

10) There is ___ in the world that you feel more powerless than at the border of another country.