Present Perfect Continuous. Тест 14

1) John ___ for the company since he graduated from the University.

2) Where is Dad? — He is mending his car in the garage. He ___ there for more than two hours.

3) We have been living in this district since our family ___ there some years ago.

4) Dinner time at last! I have been looking forward to this all day. — Me too! I ___ anything since breakfast.

5) At last the rain has stopped, but the grass and bushes are still wet. It ___ all the morning.

6) Mum has been cooking this meal all afternoon but she ___ yet.

7) Please, meet my friend Andrew. We ___ since we went to school together.

8) You look exhausted. What ___ you ___ all the time? — I have been playing with the kids in the park.

9) This is the first time I ___ the bicycle.

10) How long ___ you ___ Jim?