Future Continuous. Тест 13

1) You will recognise her when you meet her. She is a tall blonde and ___ black jeans and a light green blouse.

2) ___ you ___ the supermarket on your way back? — Yes, why? — Can you buy me a packet of coffee beans?

3) I don’t know when they ___ from their trip, probably next week.

4) If you ___ your computer this evening, can I use it for half an hour?

5) What are you going to do after dinner? — Perhaps I ___ a football match on TV.

6) Anne is going to revise for her English exam from seven until ten o’clock this evening. So at nine p.m. she ___ still ___ for the exam.

7) We are arranging a picnic in the forest next weekend. ___ you ___ us?

8) He knows they ___ for him there at the appointed time.

9) We are going to do the flat tomorrow morning. It will take us from eleven until one o’clock. So at twelve o’clock we ___ with tidying up the flat.

10) They promised when they returned from their trip abroad, they ___ some exotic animal for us.