Past Continuous. Тест 12

1) That time I didn’t know how to use this computer programme yet, I only ___ a computer course.

2) I knew that my sister ___ her room only because Mum told her to do this.

3) When I came back home, it smelt nice. My wife ___ something delicious.

4) “What ___ you ___ at the time of the murder?” asked the policeman the suspect.

5) The children were playing on the school playground when it ___ to rain.

6) Our executive director ___ with the foreign representatives during the lunch hour.

7) He said that he couldn’t join us as he ___ his foreign visitors.

8) It was such a mess in my flat when the visitors had left that I ___ the rooms aft er them for three hours.

9) Yesterday the weather was terrible. It ___ the whole afternoon.

10) I knew that she ___ only when her Mum told her to do this.

Топ-2 способа быстро выучить английский

1. Переехать в Америку
2. Подписаться на телеграм-канал «Английский на слух».

«Английский на слух» - полезный тренажёр для тех, кто хочет улучшить восприятие иностранной речи на слух, а также подтянуть разговорные навыки.