Present Simple, Present Perfect. Тест 2

1) All children and young people ___ have the chance to experience top quality culture.

2) What could be ___ fun than a family ski holiday?

3) Scientists ___ a ‘voice’ area in the brain of monkeys recently.

4) If you ___ to an interview, it is because the firm is interested to find out more about you.

5) February is supposed ___ a cold month of the year.

6) ‘God Save the Queen’ is the British anthem, and it should ___ at British sporting events.

7) 56% of respondents thought that lessons in ‘being British’ ___ young people a stronger sense of national identity.

8) Mr. Fayed claimed that Diana ___ at the hands of the Royal Family for 25 years.

9) Since the start of the new millennium, British households ___ more than they earn.

10) You were ___ born British or you weren’t.