Present Continuous. Тест 11

1) I ___ it would be a good idea to go there by car; it is convenient in every respect.

2) The student has three ways of solving the problem, and now he ___ over the best one

3) The government is worried because the number of unemployed ___.

4) The Earth ___ barely perceptibly on its axis.

5) He ___ his driving test next Friday, so he can’t go to the concert with us.

6) Please, don’t make so much noise. It’s too late and everybody ___.

7) New York City is sometimes called “the city that never ___”.

8) They are going to Paris in two days. Their plane ___ at 11.30.

9) Can you understand what he ___ about?

10) My friend left for London a week ago and is going to spend a fortnight there. He ___ at the Hilton Hotel.