Future Perfect. Тест 10

1) Next May is Steve and Emma’s wedding anniversary. They ___ for ten years.

2) When Robert ___ his examination, he is going to take up windsurfing.

3) We expect Anne ___ the job.

4) If you continue spending the money so easily buying trifles, by the end of your vacation you ___ of it.

5) Don’t worry if I ___ tonight; leave the key to the door under the rug.

6) Do you think the team ___ the match after a series of unsuccessful games?

7) When do you expect our boss to leave for New York for negotiations? — He ___ next Monday.

8) I promise I’ll contact you as soon as I ___.

9) When ___ we know about the results of the job interview? — We have some more applicants, and we’ll get in touch with you within two days.

10) Let’s take a taxi. If we go on foot, we will be late; by the time we get to the theatre, the performance ___.