Past Perfect. Тест 9

1) The police reported that nobody ___ in the explosion.

2) The family ___ into the flat ten days ago and next weekend they are going to arrange a housewarming party.

3) When the inspector arrived at the scene of the crime, the cashier explained to him what ___.

4) Until what time ___ your parents ___ you to stay up when you were ten?

5) He explained that the reason he had not bought a car was because it ___ too much.

6) Do you know who the mobile phone ___ by?

7) When he returned home and unlocked his garage, he found that his car ___.

8) She said that she was tired and ___ there any longer.

9) When I arrived at the party, the Thompsons were not there, they ___ home.

10) The windows ___ dirty. We had not cleaned them for a long time.