Present Perfect. Тест 8

1) She ___ in this flat since she was a little girl.

2) The climate on our planet ___ greatly for the last few decades.

3) Once when I returned from holidays, I found that our flat ___ a mess — it had been burgled.

4) We did not know what to do when the computer ___.

5) We ___ up the police because the neighbours were playing the music too loud.

6) Although he looks familiar to me, I ___ him before.

7) A lot of people are unemployed now. They ___ their job due to the economic crisis in the country.

8) This is the first time in my life I ___ this wonderful fruit.

9) What a wonderful morning! The rain ___, the sky is blue and cloudless, the sun is shining brightly. Let us go to the country for a picnic!

10) Come in and have a coffee with me. — Oh, thank you, I ___ my usual black coffee.