Future Simple. Тест 7

1) I think Diana ___ promotion this year — she is experienced and hard-working.

2) When I ___ shopping, I’ll buy a present for her

3) Get in touch with me when the negotiation ___ over.

4) Look at the sky: it is grey and overcast, it ___ rain.

5) I have a terrible headache. — Oh, I ___ give you some pills.

6) If you ___ tell him the truth, somebody else will do this for you.

7) I hope he ___ be there by 12.30, so you needn’t worry.

8) I’m leaving for Helsinki tomorrow; my train ___ at 12.45.

9) Hurry up! If we ___ we’ll be late for the concert.

10) I don’t think it ___ this afternoon, so we needn’t take an umbrella.