Модальные глаголы. Тест 6

1) She passed me without speaking. She ___ have seen me.

2) - Why did not your sister answer the phone?
- She ___ have been asleep.

3) - Why did Sarah miss meeting?
- She ___ have known about it.

4) Do not phone me at eight o'clock. I ___ be watching the football match on TV.

5) - What time are you going?
- Well, I am ready, so I ___ go now.

6) She is a very nice person. You ___ meet her.

7) I have not phoned Ann for ages. I ___ phone her tonight.

8) He cannot come out with us this evening. He ___ to work.

9) I ___ get up early tomorrow, because my train leaves at 7:30.

10) We do not have much time. We ___ hurry.

Топ-2 способа быстро выучить английский

1. Переехать в Америку
2. Подписаться на телеграм-канал «Английский на слух».

«Английский на слух» - полезный тренажёр для тех, кто хочет улучшить восприятие иностранной речи на слух, а также подтянуть разговорные навыки.