Семья, дом. Тест 4

1) My brother has 2 children; the boy is my nephew and the girl is my ___.

2) My grandmother’s mother is my ___-grandmother (there are 4 generations)

3) Your siblings are your ___.

4) I got divorced some years ago, but I still meet my ___.

5) What a nice wedding! And look at the ___: she is so beautiful and happy today! — Yes, this is her special day.

6) It’s important to get your ___ settled immediately when you arrive in a new town.

7) ___ are generally more expensive than studios to rent.

8) If you work ___, it’s best to get a place that’s not too far away.

9) Make sure you can ___ an apartment before you sign the lease.

10) If you are looking for nightlife, don’t live in the ___.