Грамматика. Тест 50

1) In practice, the most that ___ be achieved is to keep inflation close to 2% in the medium term.

2) You ___ be a teacher or a computer expert to enjoy learning with children.

3) Children are ___ selfish as their parents allow them to be.

4) Choosing a job, think about the culture of the firm and ___ you would fit into it.

5) Would you ___ go without your post or without your e-mail?

6) If you are not paying an adviser a fee, ___ he gives you will be worthless.

7) The police ___ to crack down people driving on drugs.

8) ___ a barber to tell you if you need a haircut.

9) The traditional English countryside will be changed forever unless the Government ___ swiftly on climate change.

10) Life has it ups and downs, nothing in life ___ forever.