Грамматика. Тест 48

1) Catherine Slater is delighted ___ over two stone since joining ‘Eat right’ company in January 2006.

2) It is recommended that children under the age of five ___ sleep for 11 hours or more a day.

3) Choosing a credit card ___ be a difficult task.

4) Credit card companies ___ to shrink their charges in 2014.

5) Global oil output ___ for four years.

6) Which railway station ___ Brunel build in 1849?

7) Almost half of the world’s oceans ___ by over-fishing, pollution and climate change.

8) The Chancellor of the UK said repeatedly that it ___ ‘business as usual’ at Northern Rock Bank.

9) Some men said that they ___ being forced to buy presents on a particular day.

10) If it were the only case it ___ a relatively easy problem to solve.