Грамматика. Тест 47

1) The company is planning to produce more than ___ of oil a day in 2016.

2) In a world ___ it’s hard to find love, on-line conversations have a new role

3) Today many privately educated parents simply ___ enough money to send their children to fee-paying schools.

4) Everybody ___ good neighbours.

5) If you ___ on your new insight you can transform a situation.

6) Will anything be done to get the country back to something like it ___?

7) Alonso said that Flavio was the best specialist in Formula One, ___ all kinds of situations

8) It is important to know what ___ at the firm you’re applying to.

9) This artist has heard people ___ about humour in his work, but he doesn’t agree with this conception.

10) Of course, Judy Blume didn’t give up ___.