Грамматика. Тест 46

1) ___ North Sea is one of the most heavily affected regions.

2) While he was ___ Prime Minister, Mr. Berlusconi found time to write seven love songs.

3) Children should watch not more than two hours of TV ___ day to protect their future health.

4) ___ February 14th, the most romantic day of the year, women hope for knights on white charges and red roses.

5) ___ no other picture, ‘The Dance’ by Matisse seems to have two speeds, fast and slow.

6) There is a theory that Napoleon was killed by means of poisoned wallpaper, ___ the official cause was a stomach cancer.

7) ___ the 19th century ‘Britishness’ has always been based on a sense of being ‘the great nation’.

8) This is the first time that a bank has cancelled ___ of cards in Britain.

9) Great art enriches lives and helps us understand the world ___ us.

10) In our fast moving world why do some succeed and ___ fail?

Топ-2 способа быстро выучить английский

1. Переехать в Америку
2. Подписаться на телеграм-канал «Английский на слух».

«Английский на слух» - полезный тренажёр для тех, кто хочет улучшить восприятие иностранной речи на слух, а также подтянуть разговорные навыки.