Грамматика. Тест 45

1) Shortly before ___ the news, he was at a private dinner with friends.

2) If you can make people ___ they’ll forgive you everything.

3) ___ you spend time with, could also help you to overcome a recent setback of misunderstanding.

4) Do not burn bridges or make decisions that you ___ regret.

5) 31 per cent of respondents consider that ‘Britishness’ ___ as a part of the curriculum.

6) Until recently French bridegrooms ___ asparagus on the eve of their weddings.

7) Ellen Page ___ in the Best Actress category at this year’s Academy Awards.

8) She just told ___ about her.

9) If the government were concerned about infection rates, it ___ reducing the number of beds in hospitals.

10) In the past, it ___ that Australian English was ‘exported Cockney’.