Грамматика. Тест 44

1) ‘Vogue’ is the UK’s ___ fashion magazine.

2) The Sumatran tiger population is estimated to be ___ than 400 to 500 individuals.

3) The spokesman for the university said that facilities would improve still ___.

4) This girl has never had a boyfriend ___ to encourage her to have children.

5) ___ people born with a gift of magnetism or do they achieve it?

6) ___ business in London suffered because of the introduction of the congestion charge?

7) Surely ___ people in financial difficulties in future.

8) Why didn’t anyone listen to the advice that ___?

9) Somalia ___ without a functioning central government since 1991.

10) Almost all victims of the most extreme crimes are women, ___ in half of cases by their own husbands.