Грамматика. Тест 43

1) Be confident about how much you have to offer and the rest ___.

2) All our religion, almost all our law, almost all our arts ___ from the shores of the Mediterranean.

3) Simon and Garfunkel are considered never ___ fashionable.

4) The former Prime Minister David Cameron announced several years ago that the ___ the British people the most straightforward approach to the EU since Britain joined it in 1973.

5) In the nearest future teenagers ___ compulsory cooking lessons at school.

6) 33 per cent of respondents think that ‘Britishness’ is something that cannot ___.

7) Inflation in the UK ___ sharply for more than half a year.

8) The British ___ for many years for improvement of life conditions.

9) This play ___ touching if it hadn’t been so shocking.

10) What is shameful about a good job ___ for a reasonable salary?