Грамматика. Тест 42

1) Why do on-line conversations have a new role in ___ 21st century romance?

2) ___ last week was a bad one for the government’s macroeconomic rules.

3) ___ are supposedly friendly and welcoming, aren’t they?

4) Germany’s state run primary school pupils start their education ___ the age of five or six.

5) ___ all the best pop stars this singer goes only by her first name.

6) Almost all the women were dressed in Gucci at the party ___ Katie Holmes.

7) Writing about ___ is especially funny.

8) The economy of ___ is a castle built on sand.

9) David Cameron damaged his relations with Angela Merkel and ___ European leaders by withdrawing the Tories from the European People’s Party.

10) More people in the UK are now using environmentally friendly transport ___ buses and tube trains.