Грамматика. Тест 41

1) When people call British unwritten constitution a ___ ‘ agreement’, they reveal more than they intend.

2) Apparently, men do their Valentine’s Day shopping right ___.

3) Adults have to give young people responsibility ___ their own decisions.

4) The whole nation is suffering ___ a constant barrage of rising prices.

5) Love is almost the third person ___ two lovers.

6) Little ___, analytical philosophers come round to a certain point of view.

7) Our ability to talk has ___ ancient origins than it is thought.

8) 80 per cent of mothers of ___ children have a job and a third of teenagers regularly come home to an empty house.

9) They are pleased to see that the weather has changed ___.

10) As soon as you ___ at the actual operation of religious law in the country, the picture will seem less optimistic.