Грамматика. Тест 39

1) Audiences expect their idols ___ young forever.

2) Alexa ___ a model, but not any more.

3) For most of her life Janet Jackson ___ as an actress, a singer and a younger sister of her famous brother

4) In India, wine ___ now as never before.

5) Bournemouth beach ___ best in Britain for water quality.

6) Looking glamorous the actress spoke of her fears the photographers ___ her home.

7) This artist hadn’t been interested in the commercial art world until a gallery unexpectedly ___ him.

8) As it ___ many times in press, one of the main problems in the UK is the huge parasitic organism that the public sector has become.

9) Lord Fellowes told the High Court in London that he ___ any part in arranging the car crash that killed Diana and Doddi Fayed.

10) Asked if he ___ in Paris that night, Lord Fellowes answered: ‘No.’