Времена английского. Тест 28

1) Jack ___ down on his sofa and ___ about the day. What a busy day it ___.

2) This was his first night in his own flat. He ___ his entire life in his parents' home.

3) No wonder he was tired. He ___ up since six o'clock in the morning.

4) I was furious because I ___ and missed the train.

5) She was nervous because she ___ never ___ before.

6) Mary is disappointed because her son ___ exams.

7) I didn't know his name. But I was sure I ___ him before.

8) Mike is a beggar now but he ___ always ___ poor.

9) When I got home I was hungry. I ___ anything to eat all day.

10) Jack wants a new job. He ___ in the same job for three years.