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You are going to take part in a telephone survey. You have to answer six questions. Give full answers to the questions.

Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Electronic assistant: Hello! It’s the electronic assistant of the magazine Fashion for Teens. We kindly ask you to take part in our survey. We need to find out how teenagers feel about shopping and clothes. The survey is anonymous – you don’t have to give your name. So, let’s get started.

Electronic assistant: What colour of clothes do you prefer wearing?

Student: I prefer wearing pastel colours like light pink, baby blue and mint green.

Electronic assistant: What clothes do you usually wear?

Student: I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or sweater, but I also like wearing dresses and skirts on special occasions.

Electronic assistant: How often do you go shopping for clothes?

Student: I go shopping for clothes about once a month.

Electronic assistant: Who do you usually go shopping with?

Student: I usually go shopping with my friends or sometimes with my mum.

Electronic assistant: Do you have to wear a school uniform? If so, what is it like?

Student: Yes, I have to wear a school uniform. It is a white blouse with a blue skirt for girls.

Electronic assistant: Does a career as a fashion designer attract you or not? Why?

Student: Yes, a career as a fashion designer attracts me because I love expressing my creativity through clothes and I enjoy following fashion trends.

Electronic assistant: This is the end of the survey. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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