Задание №12787.
Аудирование. ОГЭ по английскому

Вы готовите тематическую радиопередачу с высказываниями пяти разных людей, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D, Е. Подберите к каждому высказыванию соответствующую его содержанию рубрику из списка 1 — 6. Используйте каждую рубрику из списка только один раз. В списке есть одна лишняя рубрика. Прослушайте запись дважды.

1. It was eventful
2. It was delicious
3. It was life-changing
4. It was surprising
5. It was terrible
6. It was challenging


Рубрика 5 (It was terrible) соответствует высказыванию спикера A: «I stayed with a host family not in the student's hostel. And that was a great mistake. ... I wouldn't recommend anyone to stay with a host family.»

Рубрика 3 (It was life-changing) соответствует высказыванию спикера B: «I spent my summer abroad as an exchange student in Germany. It was a great experience. I think I returned home an absolutely different person. I learned so much.»

Рубрика 2 (It was delicious) соответствует высказыванию спикера C: «It was the right choice. My hosts were a lively couple with two kids. Senhora Clara cooked fantastic pastas and pizzas. I had never tasted anything like it. And I loved her desserts too.»

Рубрика 6 (It was challenging) соответствует высказыванию спикера D: «I thought I could speak Spanish pretty well before I went to Spain as a student. In the classroom everything was more or less fine. But I couldn't understand people on the streets. They were speaking very fast and pronounced words indistinctly.»

Рубрика 1 (It was eventful) соответствует высказыванию спикера E: «... I thought I would feel homesick and lonely. But it was nothing like that. There was actually no time. ... It was great and I never felt bored.»

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