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Чтение. ОГЭ по английскому

Установите соответствие между заголовками 1 — 8 и текстами A — G. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

1. Walking along the sea
2. The great market place
3. The way to get to the city
4. How the city got its name
5. Plants from all over the world
6. A literary corner
7. The advantage of the location
8. Political summit

A. According to ancient history, Yalta was founded by the Greeks in the 1st century. The legend says that Greek sailors lost their way because of a storm. They were looking for the shore for a long time. When finally they saw the shore, they decided to call it yalos, which meant shore in their language. The word Yalta as the name of the settlement has been in use since the 15th century.

B. The City of Yalta is a famous resort in southern Crimea. The city lies between the Black Sea and the main range of the Crimean Mountains. As Yalta is surrounded by hills, the city has a very mild climate with warm autumns, rainy winters, cool springs and hot summers. However, since the city is on the sea shore, the summer weather rarely becomes extremely hot, due to the cool sea breezes.

C. The oldest and longest street in Yalta is its famous embankment (the Sea Promenade). The beautiful, wide street runs along Yalta harbour. It is closed to cars and people enjoy walking there in any season of the year. There is a cinema, a concert hall, a drama theatre, some museums, and a lot of cafés and restaurants in the area. In the evenings, the Sea Promenade turns into the busiest street in the city.

D. This man-made park covers 11 square kilometres and is recognized as a masterpiece of landscape art. The history of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden started almost 200 years ago, in 1812. The founder of the Garden, a prominent Russian botanist, C. Steven, brought together samples of fauna from different regions of Europe, Asia, and America. Today, thanks to the large collection of rare species of flowers, bushes and trees, the Nikitsky Garden is one the most famous botanical gardens in the world.

E. Livadia Palace, the former royal residence, is one of Yalta’s most visited landmarks. It was there that, in February 1945, the famous Yalta Conference of the Big Three Powers – the Soviet Union, the USA and Great Britain – was held. Important issues about the end of World War II and arrangement of the postwar world were discussed and agreed at that conference. Now this place is visited by tourists from all over the world.

F. There is neither an airport nor a railway station in Yalta. Tourists often get to the capital of Crimea, Simferopol, and then take a car to Yalta. Some tourists prefer a journey on the Crimean trolleybus. It is the world’s longest trolleybus route, and is 86 kilometres long. The trolley journey from Simferopol to Yalta takes about 3 hours. The trolleybus takes the tourists through the mountains and valleys, providing breathtaking views.

G. The City of Yalta is associated with the name of the famous Russian writer, Anton Chekhov, who spent 5 years there. In 1898 he bought a nice house (the White Dacha) in Yalta. There was a wonderful garden around the house. The writer, who was a keen gardener, made a plan for the garden and planted trees, bushes and flowers there. There he wrote his famous short stories and plays such as ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘The Cherry Orchard’. Later, the White Dacha was turned into a museum.


Заголовок 4 (How the city got its name. — Как город получил свое название) соответствует содержанию текста A.

Заголовок 7 (The advantage of the location. — Преимущество локации) соответствует содержанию текста B.

Заголовок 1 (Walking along the sea. — Прогулка по морю) соответствует содержанию текста C.

Заголовок 5 (Plants from all over the world. — Растения со всего мира) соответствует содержанию текста D.

Заголовок 8 (Political summit. — Политический саммит) соответствует содержанию текста E.

Заголовок 3 (The way to get to the city. — Способ добраться до города) соответствует содержанию текста F.

Заголовок 6 (A literary corner. — Литературный уголок) соответствует содержанию текста G.

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